Election fever is once again nearing its boiling point. It seems that it’s really one of the most exciting times in the Philippine archipelago. We see mudslinging and extreme means that the candidates use just to get the people’s vote. I still do not understand why spend so much millions — hundreds of millions, I heard — to just get a public office that really pays so low.

Anyway, I looked at the prospective senatorial candidates from TEAM Unity (Administration) and the Grand Coalition (Opposition). It seems that we have a lot of good candidates that we can vote for this coming May 14. Tentatively, here’s my list but of course, time will change this.

1. Chiz Escudero (Grand Coalition)
2. Alan Peter Cayetano (Grand Coalition)
3. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III (Grand Coalition)
4. Michael Defensor (TEAM Unity)
5. Joker Arroyo (TEAM Unity)
6. Manny Villar (Ind-Grand Coalition)
7. Sonia Roco (Grand Coalition)
8. Antonio Trillanes IV (Grand Coalition)

That’s all for now. Surely, this will change because of the fluid nature of politics.


5 thoughts on “Elections

  1. I see you have a lot of Opposition stalwarts in there, but I can’t say I disagree with you on a few of them.

    Can’t believe Trillanes is running for Senator. That’s pretty interesting. Shades of Gringo, much?

  2. Really…

    Antonio Trillianes? You want to make a lawmaker out of the guy that blatantly spit on the rule of law and the constitution in 2003?

    Alan Peter Cayetano? The guy whose claim to fame is coming from a political family and quite likely fabricating corruption charges?

    Sonia Roco? The name we’ve never heard of before last week, who has no apparent public record to speak of aside from her famous late husband?

    Think about it.

  3. haha!

    i don’t believe it: you think like my dad! he just mentioned the same set of names earlier! haha! :D

    i’ll wait it out muna, although chiz is DEFINITELY on my list. :D

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