American Idol Top 24

American Idol has once again begun and it’s taking most of my Wednesdays and Thursdays because it has been a routine already. It’s extremely exciting! Like last year during American Idol 5, when the Top 24 was unveiled I had to name my favorites as well. My top male fave last year was Will Makar who was voted early in the show, and my female pick was Katharine McPhee. This year, it’s really difficult to gauge but I think another male will get the title.

Before that though, I got shocked with Sundance and Antonella getting in and not Thomas and this other girl who sang beautifully but got booted off for Antonella. Ugh. I hope Antonella gets the boot.

So, here are my favorites…

Top Male Favorite

Chris Sligh
top pick! he reminds me of Elton John — I dunno why… I think he will win

Top Female Favorite

Jordin Sparks
she really sings well and very promising!

Other Idol Favorites:

Blake Lewis
Beatbox guy who reminds me of JPL

Chris Richardson
he reminds me of a singer from 5ive

Melinda Doolittle
Background singer on the front! Needs more confidence

Lakisha Jones
Season 6 Mandisa!

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