AI 10 Guys Perform

Philip. I am bothered with this guy’s looks. Ugh. Vocally, he’s good but he reminds me of a cancer patient who just took chemo.

It’s very souful and I think it’s a strong performance. It bored me though.

AJ is the new Pussycat Doll. He’s kinda flaming but the performance was actually good enough to be in the middle.

Sanjaya. WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT?! Michael Jackson, anyone? His smile annoys me and he looks like he’s out of his comfort zone. Not something I want to watch… again.

Chris Sligh. Good vocals with the uncanny ability to pick songs that suits him. It was another good night for Chris Sligh in my books.

Nick. His performance was so-so but I didn’t connect with the performance. So, it’s a blah.

Virtual Insanity was THE perfect song for him this week! It was a good song choice to showcase his props. It was entertaining! Pop!

The Time After Time performance was blech. The judges were correct. American Idol is a singing contest in the first place, and not a dedication booth.

Chris Robinson.
He should have worn a pink garb for the full effect. I think his vocals did not soothe the song. It was a disservice to Jason Mraz. It was relatively weak for me but he still looks good. Go JT. hahaha.

Sundance. This is a waaaaaay better performance compared to his last oldie one. Song is still unfamiliar to me but vocals are great with his big voice. I just want to clip his beard. Ugh.

Who should go home:

Top 3 tonight:
Chris Sligh


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