I am finally in Melbourne to meet up with Trisha. It was a horrible morning for me because I couldn’t sleep last night. The cause was a caramel macchiato in the morning with Kathy (I hope you didn’t get any problems going home to Manila) and a cappuccino in the afternoon (while waiting for me suite to be cleaned in Four Points). Anyway, I woke up at 4:30 AM and got finished cleaning up everything by 5:20 AM. I actually thought that the drive to the Kingsford Airport would take around 30 minutes or more but I arrived there 5:45 AM. It’s a lot cheaper too — 20 AUD (what to do with my AUD surplus?!) .

The plane ride was short — 45 minutes actually. I just answered my sudoku problems and the next thing I knew, we were already ready to land in Melbourne. I was not hassled with the ride to the city since I already got a SkyBus coupon. By 10 AM, I was already settled in my room in Westin. It was nice but nothing beats the Governor’s Suite in Four Points. Hehe.

Around 10:30AM, I spotted Trisha walking in the Westin (I was waiting for her in the lobby of the Westin). We hugged and tried to update with what’s going on with our her life here in Melbourne. I got lost with the 3rd name she spewed. Haha! But it’s all good. I finally got to ride a tram too! Waaaay cool. :) Trisha had to meet with her group mates so I had some time exploring the city. Honestly, I prefer Sydney because I find it more metro compared to Melbourne which seems so old. I imagine this place filled with old people because the environment is so laid back!

It’s waaaay colder here as well. I couldn’t feel my fingers earlier and Trisha said that it was >20C pa. Crazy.

Free internet in the State Library too. It’s a nifty library! :)


One thought on “Melbourne

  1. coming home cost me all my luck and big smiles at 2 immigration officers (who, thankfully, smiled back – whew). (“,)

    i’m soooo glad to be home! :D

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