American Idol Top 12

Yesterday was the actual performance night of the top 12 of American Idol. I’m not gonna delve much into detail because it was a horrible week. I think the contestants were uncomfortable with the Diana Ross theme. Even if they say that Diana Ross is a legend and she was a great star in the past, singing her songs is different from just idolizing her. Her songs I find were weak and too difficult to connect to. Maybe that’s the challenge for the 12.

I want Sanjaya out of the competition. I don’t get why he still survives week after week even if he’s the weakest among the 12. It should have been Sanjaya who was voted off and not Brandon even if he did forget his words. Vocally, he’s more superior. The rehash versions of Sligh and Blake did not appeal to me at all. The judges are right, sometimes, the classics are just the classics. My favorite performance was Jordin’s! Go Land Before Time.

The group performance was bad. Diana Ross’ performance was worse though.

I wonder what the theme will be next week. Time will tell.


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