The Taronga Experience

On our last weekday in Australia, we finished early giving us enough time to have a short trip to Taronga Zoo. Kathy was still bothered because of her passport, but the day went on without a hitch. Before that pala, we had a debate if we should go to Taronga Zoo or to Featherdale Wildlife Park which was hinted to be better than Taronga. However, the distance was a big impediment because it was around an hour drive compared to the 15-minute drive to Taronga. Taronga Zoo won in the end.

The drive to Taronga Zoo was flawless. There were no moments when we felt that we were lost thanks to the trusty road map and the close proximity of the zoo to where we came from — French Forest. Or, puede ring magaling ako magnavigate. As-if.

Moving on, the entrance fee was quite a pain in the pocket. It was 32 AUD (PhP 1200++) per person so I was thinking the zoo should be really good and I was not disappointed (that much). The first place we went to was the Koala area. We read that there’s a photo op with the koala, but when we discover that it was 16 AUD, we all backed off and settled with just having to take a picture of the lazy animal from afar. I kept asking Kathy et. al if we could just through a stone at the lazy bear because all it did was just sleep, eat and scratch his ass. I have to admit though that it’s very adorable. I wish I had one as a pet.

The ball went rolling after that. We saw a ton of animals that are found in different places. The sun was still blazing so the animals were a bit sluggish and just wanted to hide under the trees. It was their siesta time. More pics can be found in my Taronga Zoo album. We stayed until 5:00 which was the zoo’s closing time. We were tired with all the walking but it was all worth it in the end. The experience was kinda surreal and enjoyable because I got to see animals that I only see in the television. Seeing them upclose and personal was cool but having a great company made the experience the best.


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