I guess I could say that it has been a trend in my blog wherein if I haven’t done any noteworthy entries, I just do some kind of update post to just get things that are swimming in my head here in my favorite medium of communication.

Here goes!

– Life in the EMEA time has drastically affected my whole life! I never ever imagined that it would rob me of my personal life. It crushes me to decline gimiks with my friends because I committed to my counterparts in the US that I will be available from 3PM – 12AM. It crushes me more that I can’t watch American Idol and other primetime shows that I watch because I’m in the office. Pheesh.

– It’s quiet in the office at night — very conducive for doing actual work. During the day, there are just so many distractions and mr. short attention span here easily gets distracted and sidetracked. But at night, I feel so productive!

– Summer has indeed settled in Manila. The heat is really getting into me and I think it’s the worst season ever. I enjoy a weekend or two in the beach but months of agonizing heat is just too incredulous. Sweat is ugh!

– I want to work from home but the heat impedes me to do so. I want summer over!!!


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