The Bottom Line
Finish up the projects that you’ve already begun before starting something new.

In Detail
Today it’ll be easy for you to get caught up in wanting something you don’t have — and to lose sight of the fact that what you already possess is a treasure most people would give their eyeteeth for. Right now, you shouldn’t devote your energy to what’s next in your life. Spend your time finishing up the projects that you’ve already begun. Sure, they may lack the excitement of fresh challenges, but they’re not going to finish themselves! The sooner you complete them, the sooner you can start something new.

It’s interesting to read something like this at times when you feel that you want to quit already. I’ve told many people that I think accepting this particular project has been a mistake because of its size and complexity. It’s too big for me or so I think. It’s perfect advice since there is really nothing I can do at the moment but do well with what I am doing. I have to finish all the things I chose to do since in the end, it was also a choice given to me whether to do something or not. I just have to direct all my efforts to actualize what I promised to achieve.

Life sucks.


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