2nd Pitstop

Once again, I find myself in a Northwest Airlines Lounge but in a different country. I’m already in Detroit, USA!

The setback at the moment is sever jetlag! My body is still in 4:00 AM mode but the time here is already 4:00 PM. I think it is evident in my red eyes! How awful! It was a looooooooong flight that I do not want to endure again for the next few weeks. Ugh! This is so crazy!

Generally, the flight was quiet with no eyecandy. :( The only thing that kept me excited was the time when we’re over Alaska and I got to see everything covered in white! I haven’t seen snow actually but to see something like that is pretty amazing in my book! :)

I am also itching for a nice bath. I can’t do anything since all my toiletries are included in my luggage for “homeland security”. But the idea of a bath  is making me perky! :)


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