First touchdown

My trip going to the US started earlier. I slept for an hour hoping that it would help me fight the jetlag but I think it was futile. My head a constant buzz on the way to the airport and I was like I was in a trance. It was horrible. Something that I do not want to do again. Ever.

The NW plane seems small. It was very difficult to move around. For the first leg – Manila to Narita – I did not feel uncomfortable that much because I was asleep. Ugh! :( The food was longsilog and true to what people have been telling me, the flight attendants seem old compared to my favorite Singapore Airlines.

In 30 minutes, I’ll trudge to Gate 23 and finally board the longest flight of my life – 12 hours! It’s a Narita to Detroit flight and I do not know how to entertain myself in that flight. I’m just hoping, praying and begging that there’s some eyecandy that can entertain me even if it’s just in my mind. At least, it’s something that I can blog about. Haha!

Fortunately, my NW ticket allowed me to utilize the Northwest Airlines Lounge here in Narita. One, big woohoo! It would suck definitely if I will just waste my time waiting in my gate when I could be surfing the net here. :) Better time filler, I tell you!

I had a bloggable thought earlier but it escaped my mind. Ugh. I’ll try to capture it again, but if not, I’ll see you in the Land of the Free.


2 thoughts on “First touchdown

  1. miss yah ry!!!!!! hahaha! don’t forget ung mga hand lotion na bilin ko :D tantsa ko magkakaabutan pa din tayo online kahit na super morning ang shift ko the next weeks (!)

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