I find my Friendster daily horoscope the most accurate when it comes to how my day goes or how I should look at my life. It’s very refreshing and quite surprising because the bits of advice is very relevant in my life. For today, here’s what I got:

You’ve been doing an excellent job of multi-tasking — checking in with everyone about everything that needs your attention. But today it’s time to prioritize and to take a look at one or two of these issues much more deeply. Many aspects of your life can safely be put on autopilot right now; they’re cruising along nicely and don’t require micromanaging. Devote a bit more of your time to the one or two things that do need care.

I’ve been swamped not only with real work but with some extra-work activities called initiatives. This is so fitting because I keep on worrying on what’s happening to Manila that my attention to what is on my plate here in US is divided. This is a reminder that I should first ensure that everything here is okay!

Trust, Ryan. We’re all responsible adults.


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