Weekend in Cinci

My first weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio was so-so. Last Saturday, Christa, Lorrie and I drove to the Cincinnati Zoo. For me, it was not really the most wonderful experience. I attribute it to the fact that I’ve been to a better zoo (Taronga Zoo) and since the memory is still recent in my mind, it has overshadowed the experience.

The interesting part I guess would be seeing the animals I haven’t seen like the manatee and the polar bear. The manatees were great to look at because they were playful in their aquarium. I still prefer the cuter dugong compared to the manatee but it’s good enough for this trip. On the other side of the spectrum, seeing the polar bears was a bit depressing. They looked sickly and dirty. It’s a far cry from how they are seen in the wild – furry, and white. I kinda pitied them and hoped that it’s winter already. The ONLY good thing that I got out of this was that I finally got to use the worthless information quip that Kathy and I share. Polar bears are left handed.

After the zoo trip, we ate in IHOP (again!) before watching this ghastly movie called Kickin’ It Old Skool. It belongs to the league of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. It was that awful! There were funny moments but I was laughing harder during Ang Cute ng Ina Mo. Maybe I just don’t get this kind of humor.

Sunday was more relaxed and less action-filled. This time I got to spend the day with Jose and Irene, plus Christa and Lorrie. Sheryl was still not feeling well. We got to try Jose and Irene’s new Nissan Murano. It’s a nifty SUV! We ate in this Indian place called Ambar and I got to admit, it was good even if it was Indian food. The tandoori was good and also their lamb curry. Of course, the item I got to enjoy the most was the plain nan. Good ole’ safe nan. Hehe! For dessert, we went to the famous Graeter’s Ice Cream. According to the people around me and the Wikipedia, the Black Rasberry Chip is their specialty. I did not like it that much but I enjoyed my Chocolate Brownie ice cream. We got to around downtown a bit. We went to Best Buy, Circuit City and Target. All 3 places yielded no Wiis for me. Ugh! Worst-case scenario, eBAY!

It’s another work week for me. Quite tiring and I’m actually counting the days when I can go home wishing that I can also bring the cool temperature that Cincinnati has.


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