American Idol (Top 4 Performs)

It was Beegees night in Idol last night and Barry Gibb was the mentor of some sort to the Idols. Here’s a quick rundown on what I think of them.

Melinda is just damn good. There’s no doubt about it! She’s in a different league and she seldom commits mistakes in her performances. She’s one of the most versatile singers out there but she exudes adult contemporary. I am echoing Paula (shock!) that she needs to wow everyone.

Blake gets a compliment last week with the beatboxing thing and what does he do, he applies it in both his songs. It kinda worked in his first song, but the second was not really that good. I am not sure if it will result to his exit tonight but I am still rooting for a Jordin/Melinda/Blake top 3.

I hope Lakisha‘s bump note in her 2nd song would be erased from the minds of the voters. If not, she might leave. Her Stayin’ Alive rendition was actually good with the similar gusto of her And I’m Telling You performance earlier in the competition. The second song was better but the error was just too glaring. Sad, no?

Lastly, my girl Jordin! I love this girl and I hope she wins. The first performance was one of her better performances in the AI season (she has not topped her I Who Have Nothing performance though). The second was good too but not that good. I think she’s safe for tonight. :)

If I were to rank last night’s performance, it will be like this:
1. Jordin’s song #1
2. Melinda’s song #1
3. Blake’s song #1
4. Melinda’s song #2
5. Jordin’s song #2
6. Lakisha’s song #1
7. Lakisha’s song #2
8. Blake’s song #2

Personal Bottom 2: Lakisha, Blake with a Lakisha boot tonight! But, I think AI will surprise us with a Melinda, Lakisha bottom 2.


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