Originally, my stint here in good ole’ Cincinnati ends on May 12 but because of business need, I will be extending my stay for another week. I’ll be here until May 19 and will reach home on May 20. The glaring consequence is that I can’t vote in the May 14 elections. :(

It makes me sad that I can’t vote because voting is one of the few constitutional exercises that validates that I’m part of a country. Ever since I had brains (ca. 1992), I was a big fan of elections. In 1992, I was as Miriam fan. In 1998, I was a Roco fan. I got to actually vote for Roco in 2004!

What makes me sadder is that someone WILL vote for me as part of the impending election fraud that will surely happen. My dad was not able to vote during the 2001 elections and when he voted last 2004, – surprise, surprise – someone voted under his name. That was just 2001 and not even the 2004 elections (which I think is one of the dirtiest).

 The saddest part of all is that my vote might be use to catapult those who I will never vote for in ANY elections. I might be a tool para itanim si Pichay sa senado or vote for Chavit Singson! Ugh! The thought dismays me. So, to the person who will vote for me, I hope you read this and actually vote for who I want.

1. AQUINO, Noynoy
2. ARROYO, Joker
3. CAYETANO, Alan Peter
5. LACSON, Ping
7. ROCO, Sonia
8. VILLAR, Manuel
9. –abstain —
10. –abstain —
11. –abstain —
12. –abstain —


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