AI Performance Night — Top 3

Round 1: Judge’s Choice
I think Simon picked the best song tonight for Jordin tonight. I was not that amused with Blake’s performance but Melinda’s song was really bad. I did not like it at all. Melinda could definitely deliver vocally but the the entertainment factor was just not there.

This round goes to Jordin.

Round 2: Producer’s Choice

Jordin and the song did not connect. It was quite forgettable especially with the good performances that followed her. This Love was the perfect song choice for Blake and it worked for his advantage. Melinda’s song was pretty solid and I think it showed a different facet of Melinda.

This round goes to Blake.

Round 3: Idol’s Choice

Jordin once again delivers I Who Have Nothing which I think is the single best performance of the season. It still gives me goosebumps. Blake and Melinda also gave scorching performances but my heart goes to Jordin.

This round goes to Jordin.

Jordin #3
Blake #2
Jordin #1
Melinda #2
Melinda #3
Blake #3
Blake #1
Jordin #2
Melinda #1

I think Blake is the most vulnerable tonight. Big possibility that we have a Jordin-Melinda finale. After I slept it over, I realized that Jordin is in the danger zone tonight. Blake has a strong fan base and Melinda gets the votes from people who pities her in some sort of way and want her to win. I think this will be a shocker.


2 thoughts on “AI Performance Night — Top 3

  1. Melinda forgot the lyrics on the second line of her third song, which is wildly uncharacteristic of her, and pretty shocking for a top 3 show. It’s pretty weird too… that’s the contestant’s own choice, and she actually sang that song before in the semi-finals. But the judges didn’t seem to notice, so whatever.

    My pick is Jordin going home, leaving us with a Blake-Melinda finale.

    – Mike G

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