The Queen of the West

After almost a month, I am finally going home! It has been a grueling month with me with its share of ups and downs and new experiences that hopefully made me stronger and wiser. If I could summarize my trip here in Cincinnati, it will be something like this.

  • Graeter’s Ice Cream. I must admit that this is one of the best ice cream brands I have tasted in my life. My personal favorite is their Butter Pecan that has this smooth taste of butter and some almonds (?) in it. The famous Rasperry Chocolate Chip was okay but Butter Pecan is the winner for me.
  • The Cheesecake Factory. After a lot of faux pas from me on its name (I kept calling it the Chocolate Factory), I was able to dine in here with the Cincinnati Pinoys of HP. Their cheesecake is the best cheesecake I have ever tasted. Regardless of what kind of cheesecake we ordered — maybe not Key Lime — it was heavenly. I am torn between the tiramisu cheesecake and the Godiva cheesecake — both are extremely good! Fresh Strawberry cheesecake was exquisite and since it’s a classic, it’s incomparable! Cute server was a plus point too!
  • Nintendo Wii. Finally, I have a Wii that I can call my own! I got it in the local Wal-Mart and getting one was no joke! It was difficult but definitely worth it! I have Super Paper Mario, Legend of Zelda, Wario Wares, Wii Play and the default Wii Sports. I am addicted to Wii Tennis! Loves it to death! Thanks to Irene for the nunchuck!
  • Cincinnati Zoo. On one of our weekends, Lorrie, Christa and I visited the Cincinnati Zoo for some clean fun. It was just okay for me and no wow factor since I have been to a superior zoo (Taronga Zoo of Sydney). The only notable part is the playful manatee.
  • American Idol, etc. Watching the TV shows that are not shown via satellite in local TV in Manila made my stay bearable. I got to see American Idol, Ugly Betty and Dancing with the Stars. Too bad that I won’t catch the season finales next week. Going home outweighs any finale!
  • The Company. The Cincinnati Pinoys have been instrumental in making this stay bearable. With lunch outs, the occasional dinners, and weekends together, life was fun and lively. Also, they were my daily ride to the office. Big, big thank you!

The break from the summer of Metro Manila is good in my books. But, like most things, you reach a boiling point especially when you feel disconnected with the life you have left temporarily in Manila. Christa and I talked a bit on this since I shared my feelings of being disconnected to Manila life. I know at the back of my mind that I’m just spending a month here and I’ll be back home. Life has been temporarily put on hold, but when I go back — I will surely catch up on things I’ve missed!

Manila, here I come!!!!


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