Travel Desk Woes

Our company’s travel desk just pissed me off.

I was already set to fly home tomorrow and as a practice, I do internet check in so I don’t have to be hassled and go to the airport earlier than usual. So, here I was relaxed and excited and accessed to check in myself. Pause. It did not check me in because of some error. I tried it three times until I gave up and called customer support. Around 4 minutes of waiting, a CSR named Steve answers and I gave him my confirmation number and details.

After a minute, he dropped the news that shocked me. My ticket was not issued by the travel desk in Manila. I had my flight changed from May 12 to May 19 last May 8 and all this time, I thought that everything is okay and I don’t have to worry or bitch about my travel (which I’m doing NOW). Steve advised me that I have to work this out with the travel agency! In Manila! Guess what? It’s almost 3:00 PM here and it’s 3:00 AM in Manila?! SUPER ANNOYING.

I don’t know what will happen or if I can fly out tomorrow because airlines have cut-offs on when you can get your ticket issued and all that BS. To make things worse, I need to call a cab that will bring me to the airport but how can I confirm a cab if I can’t even confirm if I can fly out tomorrow!!!

This is a grrrrr moment and definitely dampens the good, positive mood I’m in.


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