Before I Leave for Cinci

At 6:35 AM tomorrow, I will be flying to Cincinnati once again to work on another project. I’ll be spending my next three weeks there which means that I will the coffee talk on the 13th. >sighs< Exciting pa naman! :-)

Before I fly tomorrow, let me share today’s events. Super mega hectic! Lettuce, from the time I reached the office at 1:00 PM, I was rushing na until 11PM. Well, it is partly my fault but the adrenaline rush is a welcoming experience. I had to rush to the travel desk first thing because I haven’t gotten any TCs for my trip! Diba — galing ni Ryan? Ugh. After that, meetings galore na for me with the initiatives I am part of. From 2:00 – 6:00 PM na yun. Dire-diretso!!!! GRABE. I’m so drained.

On a lighter note, I got to see Transformers! Lettuce na pelikula ito — SUPER GANDA! I think it’s the best summer release! Different league compared to Spider-Man 3 and Pirates! Puede siyang ulit-ulitin!!! Waaaah!!! I can’t even get it off my mind. Tapos, while watching the movie sa Shang, as in I had goosebumps because it was sooooo mega magaling. Even if may Hollywood moments and product placements galore siya, yung effects niya super mega amazing!!! A basta — you have to watch it!!!

Yun lang. I will update na lang tomorrow again when I find the time during my trip! :-)


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