Awake in Cinci

It’s still pretty early here in summery Cincinnati and I’m already wide awake. I actually woke up around 5:30 AM and I am still a jetlag victim. Waking up at 5:30 AM is better compared to yesterday’s horrible 2:00 AM!

The area where I am staying is still the same. I have a different unit now and it’s quite far from Wal-mart and my old unit, but it is closer to Starbucks, Kroger and McDonald’s. So, if ever I am hungry, I can just walk to McDonald’s and buy a Quarter Pounder & Cheese. :-) I think my old unit is superior to this one though. The comforter is not too thick. The bathroom has no bath tub and it is small compared to my old one. The only thing I like about the unit is the couch. I like it over the curduroy couch I got in the old unit that screams “I’m a car seat cover.” It’s still home away from home for me for the next 3 weeks so I need to be happy with what I have.

I think it’s evident that I am still adjusting with the local time and my body is once again the victim of this abuse. >sighs< Well, this will be a semblance of my life since my project until March falls in the N.A. region. It excites me to finally see a deadline to this and I will welcome with open arms the Asian time zone once again by April.

On actual events here, we had a barbeque/cook out in Irene and Jose’s place yesterday. It was an all-Filipino gathering – minus Jose and Diane’s friend – and we got to enjoy some Filipino food like Kaldereta and Adobo, and Jose and Mark’s incredible grilled food. I also miss the Freckled Lemonade which Christa copied from Red Robin! It was really good, so I will be march to Kroger later and get myself a bunch of strawberries and lemonade.

Oh, oh, oh! Did I mention that I got the chance to cook Mushrooms a la Rosenda the day that I got in? Well, I did and I super love it! Even if I got a bit sleepy because of the onions, it was really lovely to finally eat those lovely mushrooms. Hmmm… I’ll probably cook some more in the future.


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