Leakage of Harry Potter 7

I can’t believe that the Internet news have been so slow in reporting the leakage of Harry Potter. A few months ago, we heard about some guy who got to hack a computer of the publishing house and telling the world that this person died and what not. No proof! It’s just his word that we have to trust! But now, here comes something that really makes you believe that it is the REAL Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. How can I say this? The one I got is actually a zip file of photographs of each spread — all 700++ pages of Harry Potter. The art is the same as HP7. The font is consistent. Waah! It’s outrageous I tell you!

Is it 100% real??? I am not certain because you’ll know that on the 21st. Since it is also my flight back to Manila, I will be lining up in Kroger’s to get a copy and I’ll read it in the flight. That is the plan but usually, fate throws a wrench in my plans so I don’t know if this will actually happen. I hope it does!


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