Narita Blogging

Finally, I am back in Asia after 12 hours of travel from Minneapolis! I am just a plane ride away from home since we have a stop over in Japan. Right now, I am just waiting in the NWA lounge. My plane to Manila boards at 6:30 PM (JP time).

To the more important stuff, I have finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I just can’t stop reading. The last part I stopped was page 150 and then I was able to finish half of the book in the first 2 hours of the plane ride. I took a nap and finished the book! I think it’s the most exciting book in the Harry Potter series. I still abhor the epilogue but the whole book is in a different league. The book is screaming to be made into a movie! I can already imagine it! 

I don’t want to put so much details since I know that most of the people are still reading the book and they will probably kill me for spoiling things. However, there are some things still left unanswered for me and I guess it has not sunk in yet that it’s finally over! The series is finished and Harry’s adventure finally got its fitting conclusion.


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