How weird can this be? I feel more productive here in Manila while I was in US. I really don’t know why but I just got this sudden realization that I have more time here compared there. When I was in the US, I felt like I was always racing against time. I always check whether it’s 5:00 PM and once I exceed it, I feel extremely tired already and I’m already thinking what a big injustice working after 5 is!

Now, I’m back in Manila and I’m already in workaholic mode. Earlier, I got in the office at 4:30 PM and until now, I’ve been working. I am working really loooooooooooong hours and it’s not bothering me that much. Maybe because I see people who are also working with me at the same time. It’s twisted and it will drive me to death, but it’s making me feel productive — very positive.


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