Blue-bloodedness Test


Place an X inside the box if it applies to you.

[X] Bought something from the A Shop
[X] Got an A for at least one subject
[X] Understood the definition of “HELL” week…
[X] and regretted finding out what it meant
[X] Has taken PE 101

Total so far: 5 points

[X] Crammed three papers in one night
[X] Gave a class presentation that you now regret
[X] Know at least one photocopy lady because of professors who loved Xerox machines
[X] Got an F in a long test
[X] Promised to do better but didn’t

5 + 5 = 10

[X] Exerted effort to be exempted sa finals of course.
[X] Striven for bonus points
[X] Slept in the library
[X] Ate lunch outside the caf
[X] Get a Jesuit for a teacher – Fr. Dacanay

10 +5 = 15

[X] Ate at least in 10 establishments in Katipunan
[ ] Got an attack from Higad
[X] Watched BlueRep and TA plays
[X] Preferred Manang’s food over the Caf’s – in terms of inihaw only!
[X] Screamed your lungs out in Araneta for the Blue Eagles

15 + 4 = 19

[ ] Puked at Math 19 and 20 –sorry dear, Math 18A&B, 21, 22 ako.
[ ] Went to CERSA night
[X] Signed-up for an Org
[X] Joined an org that has a screening
[X] Became active in that org

19 + 3 = 22

[ ] Joined a socially oriented org
[X] Played cards during long breaks – bridge, pusoy dos, bluff and 1,2,3 pass!
[X] Found immersion trips meaningful
[X] Went to school in flip-flops
[X] Went to school in “pambahay attire” -hindi ako mananalo ng award kungdi dahil dito.

22 + 4 = 26

[ ] Went to school wearing chucks
[X] Hated your random number – yeah, reg blues!!!
[ ] Been to Drew’s
[X] Have an organizer, whether it be from Starbucks, Go Nuts, Belle de Jour or whatever!
[X] Went to class without showering after P.E.

26 + 3 = 29

[X] Wanted to tell the guards to F*ck off
[X] had accidentally seen a make-out session
[X] Used consultation times properly
[X] Brought an umbrella but it didn’t rain
[X] Left an umbrella and then it rained

29 + 5 = 34

[X] Went to school trying to make porma but no one noticed
[X] Went to school looking crappy and everyone noticed
[X] Camwhored a lot
[X] Saw artistas and completely ignored them
[X] Spoke in a conyo way OMG I’m like, so… – like yeah no!

34 + 5 = 39

[X] Found a Chinese girl hot – i appreciate beauty!
[ ] Nagulat sa lumulubog na block sa SOM-Overpass walkway
[X] Had a block party
[X] Cut class to watch a movie with blockmates
[X] Have at least 25 Ateneans on your Ym list – overflowing!

39 + 4 = 43

[X] Became an FFL (Fucking freeloader!)
[ ] Traded dvds of American tv shows with your friends
[X] Went to Ewood for nothing
[ ] Wore aviator glasses in Ateneo
[X] Ate in class

43 + 3 = 46

[X] Became EMO for no apparent reason in school
[X] Thought friendster is a bust and multiply is SOOO much better
[X] Voted in the Sanggu elections
[X] Read the Guidon and Matanglawin thoroughly
[X] Tried to avoid the guards because you left your oh-so-precious id

46 + 5 = 51

[X] Engaged in deep-thinking while in Ateneo gardens such as Zen and SOM walkway – definitely but it’s in the area near Dela Costa
[ ] Bought coffee from Figaro sa MVP basement! – di ko naabutan yung MVP :(
[ ] Nakapaghang-out sa isang MVP room -Last batch ng Colayco babies whores ito!
[X] Became an official YouTube addict
[X] Knew why Jesuit education is priceless

51 + 3 = 54

[X] Learned a lot about life due to your Philosophy and Theology subjects – meron at ganyan talaga ang buhay…
[X] Went to Ateneo even if you had no class
[X] Knew at least 7 famous Ateneo Alumni
[ ] Laughed at Tapdancers
[X] Ran out of ink due to numerous papers you had to pass

54 + 4 =58

[X] Maximized the use of your flash drive – Aegis drive! :-))
[X] Celebrated diversity in the Ateneo
[X] Kept OrSem memories
[X] Watched a movie with fellow Ateneans that aren’t from your block
[X] Has the hots for a fellow Atenean. -of course!!! tinatanong pa ba ito???

58 + 5 = 63

Worth 3 points each:
[ ] Attended simbang gabi at Gesu
[ ] REGed2Vote
[X] Screamed in Araneta for the Blue Eagles
[X] Know at least 3 Ateneo cheers
[ ] Memorized and sung A Song for Mary whole-heartedly
[X] Got to be on the Dean’s list for at least a semester
[ ] Prayed to St. Ignatius of Loyola

63 + 9 = 72

Worth 5 points: [X] Called yourself an Atenean

72 + 5 = 77 == B

A= 92-100
B+= 86-91
B= 77-85
C+= 69-76
C= 60-68
D= 50-59
F= 49 and below


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