I don’t know why but I just feel the nagging frustration inside my chest trying to claw out of my system. I just want to scream out and release all the pent up emotions but the problem is that there is no time to even do that. I am extremely tired right now and I am wishing for September to arrive and end my 1.5 FTE martyrdom for August’s D&C.

During this time, I tend to be more emotionally unstable. Stress is really overflowing and it’s quite uncontrollable but manageable. I remember this scene in Deep Impact when Tea Leona and her father were facing the shore with a giant tsunami coming their way. You know it’s hopeless but you have to accept it, embrace it.

I feel overworked physically, mentally and emotionally. I know that it is not healthy at al, but I guess the bright side in my situation is that I know that there is an end. Everything will calm out eventually but the only hope you have is that you are still in one piece after the slaughter.


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