Puerto Rico

Finally, I got a small break in my very busy schedule here in Puerto Rico. I haven’t blogged because we have been really working like horses since Monday. Imagine, we go to work at 8AM and leave at 8 or 9 PM. It’s madness but I understand that it is necessary because of the issues we’ve been experiencing in our SIT.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about work because I have too much of that already. :P

Puerto Rico is truly refreshing for me as compared to chilling Cincinnati because it reminds me so much of Manila. The weather is practically the same but it is so much cooler here because it is near the sea. The cabs here are like the ones in Manila — they charge you not by the meter but the good thing is that they still give you receipt for it. Easy for expensing! :-)

The Puerto Rico restaurants we’ve been to offer really good food! I haven’t been disappointed in terms of taste however, the service is extremely slow and laidback. I am not used to waiting for such a long time to just get some food. Also, the exorbitant prices make my head spin!

One week down, two more to go before I finally go back home to Manila. For now, I’m taking it one day at a time wishing that it’s already October.


2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico

  1. The cabs here are like the ones in Manila — they charge you not by the meter
    How do they charge then? :) Sa Maynila may metro nga pero minsan nanghihingi pa extra, or ayaw gamitin ang metro at magquote nalang ng exag na price (sigh, some drivers…)

    Btw di ba usually by group kayo nagbubusiness trip? Or not necessarily? :)

    1. Well, the cabs are really expensive here really. Around 20 dollars per trip. Good thing we cab in a group.

      As for BT, sometimes alone, sometimes with a group. It will depend really on the project schema.

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