Another Sunday

Finally, another Sunday in tropical Puerto Rico. It has been another tiring week for us because we worked again until Sunday. Yep, still no 2-day weekend for me! :-( That means we haven’t really been around Puerto Rico that much. No beach time for me. Yesterday, we tried to go to Arecibo to check out the Arecibo Observatory — the biggest radio telescope is located here, and the Arecibo Lighthouse. However, leaving the metro at 5:30 PM was a futile attempt considering it’s a one hour drive. We arrived at Arecibo at 6:45 PM and decided to just turn around and eat at Plaza Los Americas… again. I hope come BAT, the issues will not be too much and I can spend a weekend in Culebra or Vieques.

I really, really want to go home already because I feel so stressed out and disconnected already. It’s my 4th week out of the country! I missed KatPuj last few days with the company. I missed Jusel’s last few days before she goes on maternity leave. I missed some juicy chikas and chikahans. I missed when Ateneeo won and lost. So many things!!! I’ll just try to look at the bright side. It’s my final week here in Puerto Rico and then I have one night in Cincinnati and then I’m boarding the flight to Manila! Fantastic!


One thought on “Another Sunday

  1. I know how that feels. I’m on my fourth week and got 2 months to go. I’ve missed two despedidas and will miss another one soon. Basta dami lang ding events na namimiss. Oh well, ipon nalang habang nasa labas…

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