Lust, Caution!

Ronald and I watched Lust, Caution! on Saturday at Gateway. Ang Lee proves to the world that he is really an exquisite storyteller! The movie is fantastic and the characters are not two-dimensional at all. Lee breathes life in each character making him/her effective.

Lust, Caution is a story set during the Japanese occupation in China. Similar to Philippine history, the characters in the movie are made up of collaborators who sided with the Japanese and resistance groups who do not want to yield to the foreign power. Zoom in to two particular characters: an innocent-looking Chinese girl who acts as a spy and a Chinese collaborator who is cautious with his environment — the relationship of the two makes up the meat of the movie.

For me, it is not a movie of patriotism but of flawed relationships and characters. Like Brokeback Mountain, the imperfection of each character is what makes them special and memorable. Ang Lee brought out the passion in each character and his/her relationships. The movie showed raw emotions that are real and pure as the movie works its way to the path of self-discovery and destruction.


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