The Flight

It is finally Sunday and according to the original master plan, I would be flying to Manila via Detroit. However, snow happened. Not just fuzz, but blizzard-level kind of snowing happened not only in Cincinnati but also in Detroit. Since no one should be really flying in that kind of weather, my flight to Detroit got cancelled. How miserable could that be, right?

Laura, the nice lady from Northwest, looked for other options that would still take Lorrie and I away from Icy Cincinnati skipping Detroit. And she found one! However, we will be flying to San Francisco via Delta and to Manila via Philippine Airlines. To make matters worse, I do not think they have good seats for us as well. UGH. I hate it!

We are doing this so we can go to the GDPC Christmas Party and get the door prizes. Kidding. We will be arriving in Manila on Tuesday at 5:40 AM. UGH. Ugly time. Hopefully, no delays happen with PAL and we will be home sweet home by Tuesday and have fun afterwards.


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