I was able to study a lot today! Snaps for me. I covered around 4 topics in the first file that I am reviewing and I am off to the 2nd file by tomorrow! I am so happy that I was able to focus today and covered a lot of items. I wish everyday is like today.

Ok, maybe not. Since I was happy that I was able to read so much today, I did some shopping. I think I mentioned weeks ago that I bought a new bed. Well, the bed was supposed to arrive today. However, my QA aka “my dad” rejected the delivery because the goods were scratched and they were missing some parts. They will come back tomorrow with new stuff. Hopefully, no more damages!

Anyway, I bought some new items for the bed. I bought two new pillows and linens for my bed. My parents were actually complaining about the cost and we do have some extra linens and lots of pillows at home. I just reasoned out that it’s a new bed and it needs new pillows and linens. The swipe of the card won eventually. =)

Afterwards, I finally succumbed to my craving. I’ve been whining to Kathy that I want some crepes. Last week, I ate one from Krazy Krepes (sp?), but this week we indulged in Cafe Breton! It was good, but overpriced. I miss the crepes in Marche in Singapore. Haha! I told my parents that I want to do a day trip to Singapore to just splurge with my favorite food: chicken rice, Delifrance chocolate eclairs, Dan Ryan’s ribs, Marche’s mushroom soup + mango crepe. I think that will be the perfect day. Maybe a stroll along Orchard Road will make it better. =) Dreams, dreams, dreams….

I’m excited for April and May to come.


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