Why Jump?

I’m not known to be a risk-taker. I am comfortable taking safe and secure options rather than something that is bizarre yet creative. I’m very scientific in dealing with life. I need supporting pieces of evidence in order to prove a point or to make a decision. When I pick the food I want to eat, my decision is based on experiences I had with the limited food options I have. If it is not in the options, I would not even risk tasting something.

However, I think part of the process of growing up is taking risks. Like a young chick who needs to grow up and leave the nest, one would need to make the jump out of one’s comfort zone in order to expand your known limitations and soar. It will never be detrimental to you because whatever happens, you will gain something.

The irony is that even if I know that I should take risks, I don’t want to do it. I am compelled by my thought process to just stick with what I know – with what I have. Why challenge something that has proven its worth? What’s the point of trying to reach for the stars and dreaming that it is possible? What’s the point of testing the fates by deviating away to known options and try something different where in you can fail?

What is the point of jumping? Everything. All that have been amassed right now are because of people who dreamt. People who risked everything for something they thought can be possible. People who tried to test the realms of what’s possible and what’s not. We take risks because we want to challenge our boundaries and see what we can have.

Why should I learn to jump? It is the only way to achieve happiness.  By jumping out of my comfort zone, I am expanding my horizons and my viewpoint also widens. I think my life can be more meaningful that way and I can see things that I did not see before and appreciate them. After everything, you will realize that when you jump, you will always end up somewhere. It can be good, which is excellent. On the other side, it can also be bad, and you can learn from it. There will always be something that will catch you when you jump and until there is life, the possibilities are endless.


One thought on “Why Jump?

  1. So proud you’re actually considering that now, and well, there’s a good side to falling, it gives your friends a chance to catch you. ;)

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