Okay, still awake because of debugging some IDOC processor — yes, Puerto Rico all over again. Can’t believe that  I am debugging again actually considering that I almost did not install SAP because I told myself that I won’t be doing SAP for a year. Oh well, at least it’s different as compared to doing process work. Having more technical work makes life interesting complicated. I wish my love life can be like that complicated interesting.

What’s alarming is that I am still awake at this wild time!!! Last time I checked, I was in NEA market and not back in NA. CAMOD beckoning is it??? No, cannot be!!!! Not until July 19.

Hmm… Macchiato in the morning. Loves it. Another option is… Dark Mocha Frap – twice blended; blended whip cream. Tomorrow, er, later I will see. Sleep….


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