Shindigs to Bailouts

There are so many things going on in my life right now that I unintentionally pushed my Internet life in the backseat. There are many changes and many overwhelming experiences that are really trying to push all of my buttons. I can already imagine myself one day cracking due to all the barrage of emotions being bottled up. To prevent any mishaps happening, I decided that I want deserve need a day off. It’s a good thing that tomorrow is a Japan holiday and there won’t be much action happening. Snaps for that.

Here’s a quick round up of things that have happened since Sept 25 (my last blog entry):
     Rain’s Bday Shindig. Sept 26 was an interesting day. After a very delightful dinner with the mySAP NEA team, I went to Rain’s party to celebrate 25 years of fabulousness. Of course, when I crossed the 25th threshold, no exciting parties happened because I usually celebrate it quietly with good food and great company. Yes, I am boring that way. I am digressing; Rain’s party was really fun but it made the night better to be with friends and sharing a giggle and a roar of laughter.

     Volleyball championship game. We faced the Blue Dragons in the finals match for the Sportsfest in HP last Sept 27. It was an exciting match between two teams who really wants to get the crown. Like what Jeff Probst usually says in the final Survivor challenge, it’s just a matter of who wants it more. It seems that our friends from ITO want it more because after 5 close sets of volleyball, they emerged as the winner. It was disappointing to be defeated but I also feel a surge of exhilaration due to the amazing volleyball played that day. We were not that bitter with the loss because we knew that we gave everything. The sweat and bruises are proof that we did not hand the game easily but we really fought point-per-point. Good job ADSI Huskies! Until next year!

     Olegario-Chiu nuptials. I can’t remember the last wedding I attended, but I think this is one of the best weddings I’ve been to. I usually feel “forced” to be there mainly because it’s usually weddings within the family or weddings my parents need to attend. If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first wedding of a friend that I’ve attended. Krizel was very stunning that day, and Rolan looked very dignified – it was truly their day! Even if there was rain, it was nice that the rain stopped during the reception where there was really, really good food. I loved it. The travel to Tagaytay is another story that is very interesting but cannot be shared.

     Work, work, work. There are just so many things on our plate that it’s crazy. It’s not just work because of our project, but we are also doing some activities in support of our organization. Of course, this is on top of all our delivery work and a big, big thank you and hearty dinner is the only reparation we can get out of this. It drains me, but I am just focusing on the end and not the means. I hope it comes. Right now.

     Cubao. My father declared before that “Caloocan is the center of everything” – my parents were raised here. This is his line when I was trying to convince them that we have to move out of Caloocan and go somewhere closer to my workplace. That was 3 years ago. A week ago, after a million pleas, we have finally moved out of Caloocan and settled in an apartment in Cubao near Santolan Rd. The whole experience is very surreal and I never expected it to happen. I am happy that it just takes 15 minutes for me to reach my workplace. The only downside is that I have to transfer my DSL, Phone, cable, and I have to change the address to all of my bills, files, etc. A necessary pain, but I welcome it if it will make my life easier in the long run (I hope CMMI is that way too).

     “$700B Bailout”. This is my soubriquet to some things brewing in my life. I cannot disclose much of the details, but I just hope it gets signed for implementation.


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