Trying to make things work

In light of the global financial crisis, naiinis ako. I did some budgeting already for 2009 and I am not very optimistic if I can push through with my plans of having my planned June-July vacation. I’ve been calculating how I can curb down my discretionary spending, but it won’t just cut it. The news that we received early this week just made it impossible. 

For 2009, I’m hoping to cut down on my credit card usage. Let’s just say that it has been very, very used this year that I dread every time I log in my online account to check how much I need to pay. That should really go down. Hopefully I can cut it down to 50%, but I don’t know. Starbucks visit might be affected as well, and most likely, I will just be just brewing coffee at home or in the office. Weekend getaways will surely be limited. Luxuries will need to be reduced drastically. UGH. I don’t even want to plan my finances by next year.

Let’s see if I meet my targets. Hoping for things to become better… right now.


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