Writer’s Block: Small Economies

I think I’ve mentioned some thrify measures due to the global financial crisis in one of my previous blogs where I was laying down my options on how I can crunch some numbers for 2009. And, the most obvious winner is cutting down on Starbucks. This year, if I add everything up, I was in Starbucks, or Coffee Bean or <insert cafe’s name> for more than half the year. That’s almost 250 days of Starbucks where the lowest I could spend was around PhP 125 (Caramel Machiatto). Sometimes, I throw in a slice of cake especially during my study periods during the first half of the year. So if I add things up, I’ve spent more than PhP 31K for coffee/cakes. I buy a bag of beans now and utilize my coffee maker. That will reduce my coffee expenses to around 3,600 at most.


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