History, Opportunities and Reality

Opportunities. I’ve been a firm believer of creating opportunities for yourself if nothing comes your way. You just do not wait for the things to come your way, but you find a way to reach your goals and dreams. I believe in action rather than inaction. Of course, it’s not just YOU that can mobilize things because even I have to admit that external and more powerful forces do come into play that can either stop you on your tracks or move you forward/backward; faster/slower.

History. I love history because ideally, it’s a record of things that happened. It should list down the strengths, weaknesses and environment when those events happened. It gives you reputation whether good or bad. It measures your worth; even if it’s big or small. The only problem is that history is interpreted usually by those in power and they have the choice to either use that history in drawing the future, or ignore and do what they believe is right not learning from the past.

Why am I sharing skewed thoughts about history and opportunities suddenly? Reality. It sucks big time. The only bright side I see is that even with the forces going against/with you, it cannot take away the simple and basic fundamental power of personal choice.


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