The Night Before Valentines

I had a fun time last night with our Singles Night Out in MOA after work. We did not have any dates for Valentine’s so better spend it with good ole’ friends, right?

Traffic was a bit bad but the conversations inside KatPuj’s car let the time pass with little discomfort. We left the office around 6:20 PM and arrived in MOA around 7:40 PM already due to the heavy traffic. Christa slumdogged us because she’s “sick”. So, in the end it was just Arthur, KatPuj, Mark and myself.

There was a big crowd already when we arrived and Boyce Avenue started already their set. They’re hot and talented! I can remember them singing Umbrella, Change Your Mind, Wonderwall, With You, The Freshmen, the “medley” and Chasing Cars. I was ecstatic that they closed the night with Bleeding Love! Although, the I would be happier if they sang Apologize as well. You do not win all. :-)

I am still thinking if I’m gonna drop by Megamall tomorrow to catch another glimpse. I was just too far yesterday. I think I’ll be too lazy to haul my ass tomorrow, so I have to just stick to youtube videos once again.

After the free concert, we went to Hooters to have some inflated chicken wings! Still good and still delicious and I’m beginning to enjoy the hot wings. Perfect way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day! :-)


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