HSX: Jonas went down!

I usually radar the openers and check the price before I do the final decision to either buy, short or not touch the stock at all. This week, it was the Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience (JBC3D) and Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li (STRFT). I guess I was lucky that Thursday and Friday were extremely long days that I was not able to review my stocks for the weekend. When the stocks halted, I just had 1 stock of JBC3D and shorted 30K of STRFT.

Surprise of all surprises, the tween market did not push through! From a predicted 33.5M opener, it just opened to 12.7M. That’s a H$56.18 dive! Since I radared this, I did not feel the loss at all and just felt the gain of shorting STRFT which opened with 4.65M only.

Overall, good weekend for me! Let’s see how next week will play. We only have Watchmen opening with 3,500++ theaters. Still deciding on this one, but for now, I’m leaning to longing this.


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