When my home organization won a cheerdancing competition within HP against teams that were more prepared, a wise manager said, “surprise!” We did not expect the win because the other teams had stunts, uniforms and well-choreographed dances. We had different shades and brands of gray shirts and our managers having a ball in the court, but we still won due to technicalities. I guess that is one of the biggest elements in ensuring that you’re surprised; you do not expect it to happen but it just happens. Amidst all the preparation and your effort to control certain variables, there are just things that are out of your control that could sweep you off reality and bam – “surprise”.

Over the past few weeks, I had some surprises because it was different from what I expected. Takasaki, a city in the Gunma Pref (until now, I don’t know where it is but Takasaki is located 100KM north of Tokyo) proved to be not too “The Ring” kind of town or too suburbia. It was urbanized enough with McDonald’s, Yoshinoya, and Starbucks, but with a slower pace. Our first cutover for my project was pretty smooth; our wish of boredom during cutover was granted, but we did not anticipate the stress of hypercare. Another surprise there! Having to wait for one hour for my luggage was something I did not expect. Heck, I was surprised by the amount of people in the plane ride home (it was a connecting flight from US unfortunately).

The latest twist in the list of surprises – my sorta current manager (I’ll be changing managers by April 1 – surprised, as well) is moving out of our team. So, who will replace him? After weeks of chatting with this person about work and personal stuff; and a whole lot of “oooh, ganyan kayo sa PD?” and some prodding questions about team operations, our new manager is…

… wait for it…

Kathy Imbuido, PMP.

Boo. Tila nabuhusan ako ng nagyeyelong tubig.

I wish Wa was there to put me back to reality with his wise interjection, “surprise.”


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