High Price for Comfort

For the past few days, I’ve been feeling the brunt of summer. The heat was just intense and to make things worse, humidity is very, very heavy. Staying at home is already next to impossible because (1) my aircon is just not cutting it, and most importantly, (2) my DSL is acting wacko due to some static in my phone line. I could use my DSL but the trade off is that I have to hang up my phone – ZERO incoming calls at all!!! I already called PLDT again so they can check. I hope they can fix it this thime.

Back to topic – I am forced to seek refuge from malls, and cafés. That means that my spending in Starbucks is steeply rising. Since April 1, I think I’ve been to Starbucks/Coffee Bean for 4 times already (need to check my log), but you get the picture. Summer is very, very expensive for me and it’s really annoying. I wish Manila will have December weather all-year-long, or maybe I can move to a country where weather does not reach to this extreme heat. Future plans = very difficult planning.


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