Something different

It rained everyday for the past week, well, except today. It was a welcoming weird occurrence because it has been really hot in the Metro. I really, really dislike summer because of the sweltering heat and the heavy humidity that covers the Philippines. That’s why I seldom work from home during the summer because it’s just too unbearable and I don’t want my electric bill to skyrocket especially with the GFC and some sacrifices done.

On another note, I’m pretty happy with myself for keeping up with the 2 gym classes I attended yesterday – Hi-Lo and Bench. Downside was that it truly drained me out. I had a enjoyable meal in Burger King (I know, not that healthy) and went home. I arrived around 5:30 PM and I just plopped myself on the bed and dozed off. Fast-forward to 10:30 PM, I woke up hungry again. My regular sleeping cycle just went down the drain. I slept at 2:30 AM and woke up at 9:00 AM. My body clock is weird now.

Today, I am craving for something sweet. Contis Leche Flan probably or a crepe from Cafe Breton will do. Hmm…


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