AI Top 4: Rock & Roll

I think we have a really, really good Top 4 this season. My favorites are still there (Kris, Adam, Allison) and I’m hoping that Danny bids us goodbye. It’s Rock&Roll this week and they surely rocked it out! Thanks to Slash, their mentor for the week. Side note: he’s scary looking. :-s

Top 4 Performances:

  • Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love
  • Danny Gokey – Dream On
  • Allison Iraheta – Cry Baby
  • Kris Allen – Come Together

Performances ranked: Adam, Allison, Kris >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Danny.

The last note/screech was so bad. It made me cringe. However, fan base is fan base and Danny has that. I’m thinking that Kris/Allison might be in trouble tomorrow But, historically, Top 4 week usually shocks the hell out of us. Tamyra, Latoya and Chris Daughtry got eliminated when they were in the Top 4. It’s not about the talent now, it’s all about the votes.


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