No Update at all 26

For the past few days, I just can 19t find the energy to sit down, and think through what has been going on mainly because of the intense days being experienced with my project. My weekend was shot to hell following the 34++ hour downtime we had that started on Saturday at around 2:00 AM. That progressed until Sunday where my day ended at 3:30 PM.

That was just the weekend 26

This week has been extremely long with days starting at 5-6AM and ending at 6-7PM. I 19d take Mad Eye Moody 19s mantra, 1cconstant vigilance! 1d and ensure that nothing really major/critical happens this week. So far, it has been really quiet, which is very, very good. I think by next week, I can go back to 1cnormal 1d hours and I can go to work at 8-9AM at least. If we 19ll have a quiet day as well today, I think that is definitely a possibility. Well, it 19s something to look forward to.

Tomorrow is gym day too!!! I think I gained some weight because I 19ve been fattening myself this week due to the long days. At least I can go back in the groove of things starting tomorrow. Endorphins. Happiness.


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