Somebody told me before that Starbucks charges so much because of the place. They have invested in building their coffee place so you can enjoy it. I’ve always loved Starbucks not only because of its Caramel Macchiato but due to the reason stated above — the ambiance was perfect for a relaxing time. However, they have left out one important detail to the mix — the people.

Case in point, my neighbor here in Starbucks has her netbook out and chatting up some of the people near her vicinity. That’s OK, but what really ticked me off was that she did not use earphones in listening to her music. I think the volume of her praise music was way up. The music was very, very loud and it was really distracting me. The experience has been soiled.

I just wish other people would realize that we are sharing the same airspace. At least, use a pair of earphones. If you can afford a netbook, or Starbucks, I think it’s safe to say you can buy earphones.

If not, you’re one hypocrtical bitch.


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