Personal Disconnection

A few days ago, I resuscitated my Friendster account to check how things are. I erased all the messages from people that I do not know and make sure that everything is still in place (i.e. not hacked, etc.). Of course, at the back of my mind I was thinking that most of my friends have already moved to Facebook and it is moot to check Friendster at all. Anyway, one of my long-time friends posted some pictures that surprised me. Apparently, he went home to the Philippines last month and no one really knew about it except for this person who I refuse to recognize at all in my blog. I had to send him a message confronting him why he did not even tell me or our other friends that he will be going home. The reason was 13 (1) it was a short trip, and (2) he does not know my contact details 13 yet he was able to meet some folks in LSGH and also the person who shall not be recognized in this blog. 

I felt a wave of disappointment and resignation. As much as how you try to be connected to people, some just refuse it and just discards it. Maybe he has moved on with his life and he does not want to rekindle any relationships from the past. Maybe he just does not care. It 19s a personal preference in the end, but of course, you still feel that you lost something. You mourn a bit, but you have to move on because life will not revolve around losses.  

I offer a minute of silence for that 15-year friendship.


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