Thoughts in Lines

HSX is down. Cannot trade.
I’m still waiting for Karla and Ceres to arrive.
In Starbucks. Yes, I know, it’s a hit in my goal. Shoot me. Very nice ambiance. Not crowdy.
I’m in the new Eastwood Mall. 3rd time here already. Very nice.
Gym was good. Very very tired afterwards. Already low-batt during the last 20 min of Bench.
New laptop is fast. It can do Restaurant City while doing other things. Old laptop is broken beyond repair. RIP. 2006-2009.
Placed all Facebook friends in lists. Everyone is grouped now. OC. Tee-hee.
Can’t wait for Friday. My last day. After that, rest.
(A)H1N1 scare. Not too scared personally. It’s flu. Used to it. Just need meds. Paranoia.
Saw Chuck earlier. His birthday yesterday. Forgot to greet him. I depend too much on Facebook. Tsk.
Bowling last night. Need to be more consistent. Throw was blah.
Tomorrow, weights day. Arms will be sore. But good sore.
Asia-Europe time at work. Tired. Want Friday to arrive. Right now.
ZPRS is boo. Boo. :(
Robi Domingo in Gold’s kanina. Patlang.
Father’s Day tomorrow. Need to eat out. Sighs. Little Asia? Hmmm….


One thought on “Thoughts in Lines

  1. Hollywood stock exchange?
    I suck at bowling.
    Sleep lots this weekend.
    In Cincinnati, thought of you.

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