Need to Plan

My Hong Kong vacation is already next week and I haven’t really planned the specifics on what I will be doing in Hong Kong. All I know is that I just want to shop and eat good food. It’s very similar to my Singapore trip last January when we just spent most of it in the malls and restaurants.

Originally, I was thinking of adding some touristy flare to it by going to Macau and exploring HK Island (The Peaks, etc). However, I’m debating in my head if it is prudent to even travel to Macau for a day trip. It might be too stressful and that’s the thing I want to avoid during this trip.

I’m very open for suggestions.

<Puts on researcher hat and scours the web>


2 thoughts on “Need to Plan

  1. skip macau if u only have a day. two days is best, overnight at the Venetian. otherwise, stay in HK.

    plenty to do here. when are u gonna be in town, how long for and where are u staying? i’ll be happy to give suggestions.

    +852 9772 5792 :)

    1. Hey James! Yeah, I got to read some stuff and I think I’ll skip Macau.

      Will be in HK from Jul 9-12. Still thinking if I should stay in Sheraton or the W. I have some SPG points to spare. :)


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