Catching up

I went on a 3-week leave which ended last week. Monday arrived but it seemed like time in the office was placed in a stasis because it’s as if nothing has changed. It felt a bit disarming that it’s like I did not leave at all. Hairstyles did not even change at all.

I dreaded my 350++ emails in my inbox which I skimmed through during my break but did not put any thought about them. In my head, “I’m on leave, I’m not answering any email!” And I held that to some extent because I think I only sent 5 emails during the break and those are sorta-non-work and not related to *real* work at all. That’s already a feat by itself for me. The amazing part of this is that I was planning Monday to be my “Catch Up” day to emails and I ended up cleaning up my inbox in 30 minutes. Wow, all those mail and no action needed from my side at all. Amazing, isn’t? It brings me to think about the volume of any form of communication we receive every day that needs action from your side. You’ll be surprised that it’s not that much. Many of things we get are either FYIs, or delegate-able.

It’s really better to setup a system such that it enables you to work on things that matter on your plate. Getting Things Done comes to mind…


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