What makes you happy?

I just watched Confessions of the Shopaholic a few minutes ago. I found it inane and a bit superficial, but at the same time, it really hits you in the core. Is it bad to want to feel good? I know that it can reach to some irrational point, but at its foundation, you just want to feel good. It’s merely your conscience that prevents you from doing what you want.

And it made me think on the personal level, what makes me happy? What makes me feel good? Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time attending gym classes. I’m just thankful that it brings some health benefits to you and it does not have a debilitating effect. At first, I want to go to these classes, because I need to lose some of the fat has remained in my tummy area. Yes, I do dream of having washboard abs – still not sure if it’s something I’ll achieve due to my poor diet. Eventually, I’ve been going to gym because it’s like a drug really. It’s the perfect form of escapism where I just need to learn the choreography and ensure I’m hydrated enough to finish the class. I do not think of the problems, or some of the things that bother me. I don’t think of anything outside of the 4 walls of that room. It brings me comfort knowing that I don’t have to know. Yes, ignorance is indeed bliss.

The problem is that once the class is over, you go back to reality. As what Rebecca noted in the movie, the “happy” feeling leaves you and you end up wanting to do it again so you can bring back that good feeling. In the end, I realize that it’s just that – a feeling. A desire. A want. And as what I’ve learned from my TH131 class (remember Scott Peck’s take on love?), feelings are fleeting. You can never have it all the time. You just enjoy the highs and you try to survive the lows, but in the end, you know that the feeling will change to something else.


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