Opening your Mouth

When faced in group discussions, I tend to shut up and not voice out the obvious especially when I feel that I have gotten the information I need already. Other people tend to ask some more questions and my thought process will eitherbe –    

      • That’s plain stupid.
      • Wow, I never thought of that! Good one.

Internally, I’d kick or thank the person who found the courage to raise his hand and blurt out his thoughts. The key thing is that it prompted discussion. It transformed a speaker’s soliloquy to an interactive dialogue of various minds. And that’s not really a bad thing at all.

I remember a group session when I tried to get in the Unilever’s Summer Internship Program back when I was still in school. We were faced with an interesting situation and we were role playing to be able to decide on an issue. I was luckily (?) given a role that seems important enough so I got the good deal out of the conflict at hand. I did not need to negotiate, or to downplay the cases of other people because I got what I wanted. Throughout the session, I observed and nodded my head on good points and put on my poker face for very “what the?!” comebacks.

I got declined in that level.

It did not occur to me that the exercise was for others to hear your thought process or how you face the ordeal. No one can hear your thoughts, so you have to vocalize them. You have to show others that "yes, I got the stupid point you’re trying to make." I should share how I understand the things that I hear just to make sure that nothing has been missed. Or, to let the speaker (or others) know that you got it. This is a good one I think.

Next goal is asking the tough questions. Baby steps, baby steps.


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