I’m flying back to Manila today. I’ve been in Kobe since last Sunday and I really, really want to go home already. The problem with business trips is that the stress level is higher as compared to when you are back at home when you are a thousand miles away from your customers. There are perks of course since you get to meet new people and experience new cultures. Trade-offs, i guess.

I have not blogged at all and I have not even taken some snaps of Kobe. I’ll try to catch some today but I dunno. It was just a hectic week. Another reason I’m itching to go home is that I really need to go to the gym already. The gym in Sheraton Kobe is under renovation unfortunately this week, so I was not able to burn all the fat that is surely accumulating. Steph and I have eaten in her "usual" places and almost every time, I leave the restaurant full to the brim. Most notable one is Tajimaya — yakiniku with oh-so-delicious and tender beef BBQ! I’m not sure if it’s wagyu
but I love it already. Brings back memories of the meat paradise Brazil Churruscaria in Singapore. 

I’ll try to get some snaps and then we’re off from Rokko Island. Bus leaves at 7:23 AM sharp. Yes, it does not wait at all. Typical Japanese time. On the dot.


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